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Business Development Services

Whether you are a new business, an existing one or a very experienced firm, you are always trying to find ways to increase your opportunities through new business developments.  This could mean refocusing your business in a new direction, identifying new contract opportunities or a possible joint venture company that your company can find to take you to that "next step". In this world, you never know when that certain business opportunity will or needs to happen.  Knowing when and being prepared to make those business decision is your keys to success!

Preparing Your Business! 


Meeting people, promoting your company, handing out business cards or having the right information posted on your business website are all very important components to getting and keeping your business up to speed when it comes to business development.

The other very important part of business development is ensuring that your business is actually ready to do business.  Everything from setting up your office, office administration, quality staff on hand and answering that one key phone call that you may get just when you don't expect it, could make all the difference in the world. 


Perception of your day to day operations is also an important piece of the puzzle as potential clients and the "first impression" stays with people.  If you are seen as unorganized, not ready to do business and unsure of yourself and the services that you provide, more often than not your potential clients will move on to others that are ready to deliver.  DMG can help you to better prepare yourself to bring your business to the next level!


Contracts, Bidding & Procurement


DMG has been involved in identifying contract opportunities in multiple industries for Aboriginal companies since the late 1990's as part of Nova Scotia's oil and gas boom that took place and continues to create opportunities in multiple sectors.  Our initial contract to help Aboriginal businesses in the Atlantic Region really gave us intimate knowledge of what large scale industry companies were looking for.  It was then that our understanding of procurement was forged and the realization of how far behind our own system was in terms of preparing our businesses and people to take part in these industries.  That was then and this is now.

Fast forward almost 20 years later and now we have a better rate of success but still huge amounts of opportunities that we can better maximize on.  Through some tough legal discussions that our leaders have been involved with, they have negotiated some key industrial benefits agreements (IBA's).  These have been signed with some of the major companies that work to create capacity building opportunities for Aboriginal communities and businesses.

DMG has always advocated for a higher level of business support for entrepreneurs due to the heavy influence and investment into community enterprises receiving most of the economic development focus.  Indigenous business owners need a higher level of business preparatory training and development if leaders truly want to promote successful ventures from our individual business owners.


Depending on the type of business that you deliver and the type of industry you are in, the bidding requirements will differ and companies must have the capacity to deliver or find that capacity by identifying a joint venture partner(s) really quick. 

Industry, Government & Private Sector

DMG's experience working with industry companies, government departments and the private sector will help to provide more opportunities for Aboriginal individuals, businesses and communities. 


Our long list of contacts at some of the most senior positions in these sectors allows us the opportunity to find information and connect the dots when needed.  We work with you to identify what your needs are and find solutions to enhance the opportunities that you see working for you. 


In this respect we have offered our services to the major corporate, industry and government partners once again to help bring new jobs, new contracts and a renewed transfer of knowledge to our people.  We have been approached by some new companies representing large scale projects to inquire about potential joint venture partnerships.  DMG will be acting as a broker to these companies and will provide the connections to the Aboriginal communities.


Our approach and communication with leaders, senior staff and community representatives will always utilize a process that is respectful and genuine two way communication.


These relationship development services will always be performed with the best interests of our people in mind in all that we do, the people we work with and present to and of course for all of that we represent as an Aboriginal business.

Helping You Achieve Success!

Community Development Services

Over the years, DMG's work has also included support services to First Nation communities across the Atlantic Region in not only business development but also other aspects such as employment (recruitment & retention), training identification (& funding), as well as recently being involved in Community Planning.  We have helped to better connect leadership to their community through a grassroots communication process by identifying target areas for discussion and feedback as well as gathering pertinent information and recommendations for review.


This type of communication is essential in the growth and overall well-being of communities and collective goals and strategies that address gaps and barriers that may exist.  It is such a wonderful way to involve community and provide much needed feedback for leaders!


Sports, Recreation & Active Lifestyles


DMG's President & CEO, Mr. Robert Bernard has been involved in enhancing sport, recreation & active living opportunities for Aboriginal communities in the Atlantic Region for the past thirty (30) years. 

Mr. Bernard was the first Executive Director of Nova Scotia's Aboriginal Sport & Recreation organization for over ten (10) years from 1997-2007 representing Mi'kmaw people at the grassroots, regional, national and international levels. He has worked with many national and international organizations such as the Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC), which is Canada's national sport organization for Aboriginal people.  He has also served as a long time board member of the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) Council and a key contributor to organizations such as the Maritime Indian Hockey Association (MIHA) and the Nova Scotia Native Fastpitch Association (NSNFA), Mr. Bernard's significant involvement continues to have positive impacts for the Aboriginal communities and athletes of today.

Indigenous Cultural Tourism


DMG and CEO Robert Bernard is currently under contract with the national organization, Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) and serves at the Atlantic Regional Coordinator.  This role focuses on developing and supporting the growth Indigenous businesses, support services for the Indigenous Regional Tourism organizations as well as developing key partnerships with industries and government sectors.

DMG served on the national board for ITAC from 2015-2018 and was one of the founding board members for the Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada (ATAC), served on the Executive Board and was elected as the Chairperson from 2016-2017.  This transition period included a name change for the organization to it's current name, the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC).  Mr. Bernard stepped down from the Nova Scotia role in 2018 to operate DMG Consulting on a full time basis and is actively delivering on contracts.

DMG was also contracted by the Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre from 2006-2018 in various roles that supported business development, cultural & heritage development, community planning, recreation and sport (hosting 2 Summer Games as a support coordinator) and most recently on a full time contract from 2016-2018 as the Manager of the Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre.  This full time role included managing 7 in-house business operations, 25-30 full time staff and close to a million dollar yearly budget for operations.

Event Planning & Indigenous Training
Services (Local, Regional, National)

DMG is very familiar with planning events of all sizes from the local community meetings to regional workshops and conferences as well as large scale events that involve many people.  We have organized sporting events, business workshops and conferences and national level business and sporting events.  We have a network of qualified Aboriginal & non-Aboriginal specialists that are ready to assist us at any time.

We are also able to present all of our information in both the Mi'kmaw language and in English and can provide translation services as required.

DMG is currently developing an Indigenous Knowledge & Sensitivity Training Course that will be offered across the Atlantic Region.  This training course will help educate many individuals, businesses and organizations in gaining the necessary background and history of Indigenous peoples and their struggles across Canada.  This will be focused around businesses and organizations interested in developing sustainable partner development opportunities. 


DMG will be releasing a training opportunity package in the Spring of 2019 so stay tuned for more information!

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