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One Sky International (OSI)

One Sky International Environmental Services (OSI) was established in 2011 and is 100% Indigenous owned Canadian company concentrating on providing capacity building opportunities through sound business and environmental support services to First Nations communities across Canada. 

Primarily serving the Atlantic Canada Region, our services focus on helping to provide a personal level of professional services to Indigenous communities and their businesses and organizations by identifying how best to address the challenges and gaps that prevent them from providing the quality of services that they may be searching for. 

This includes areas such as community and economic development, business support services, communication and consultation with community members.  We also have expertise in identifying/accessing existing government funding that will help to address challenges in project delivery and implementation.  OSI will work with your organization/business/community to open new doors by building and delivering on mutually beneficial opportunities with our partners.  In doing so, we will continue to respect the traditional teachings of our people, to respect the traditional use of our land, to respect the way we communicate with our communities through inclusion and most of all with each other as we work together. 

Our Newest Project - PIEVC Protocol (Engineers Canada)
OSI is delighted to announce that we are in the middle of delivering a contract to work with the Maliseet Nation Conservation Council (MNCC) of New Brunswick to implement the use of a fairly new infrastructure vulnerability protocol known as PIEVC (Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee).  

The PIEVC Protocol was developed by Engineers Canada and we believe that this is the first time in Canada that Aboriginal communities will be utilizing this tool to help assess issues that may affect their infrastructure (specific to water and waste water).  With so many challenges in First Nations across Canada we believe that this protocol can be of benefit to many communities that may experience challenges to protecting their future water and waste water facilities, operations and overal quality of water for their people.  

This very detailed and extensive protocol helps communities, businesses, organizations and municipalities/cities to identify ways in which climate change may impact negatively on current and future infrastructure systems.  This preparedness model can and will save on hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on potential future emergency repairs that climate change events can and will bring to different regions around the world.

We have also incorporated the use of traditional ecological knowledge and Elder input into our project by ensuring we listen to traditional teachings and local environmental input from community.  This is key for our projects as we ensure climate change parameters and risk ratings are locally reviewed and approved as part of the approval process.

This protocol can also be easily applied to other infrastructure components right at the community level such as roads, new and existing facilities, heavy construction, rivers and dams as well as storm water runoff and waste water facilities.  For more information please visit


We thank you for your time and please browse through our new website and we look forward to working with you in the near future or answering any questions you may have with respect to any one of our services!

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