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The "Roots" - A story behind the company...

Structure & Core Beliefs of DMG


Diversity Management Group (DMG) is an Aboriginal sole proprietorship that is registered in the Province of Nova Scotia since 2000.  Owned and operated by CEO, Mr. Robert Bernard, DMG focuses heavily on the ability to help increase the capacity of individuals, communities, businesses and organizations.  We also strive to create these same opportunities for industry and government in terms of offering the quality transfer of information, training, employment, contract and capacity development. 


At DMG, we believe that through the development of our business and the implementation of our long term visions and goals, along with attracting and partnering with some of the top local Aboriginal consultants, we will be able to build opportunities not only for ourselves, but for our people.  We believe that this will generate opportunities for Aboriginal businesses, individuals and communities in their quest for self sufficiency in today's mainstream world and society. 


Creating and sustaining meaningful benefits is quite a challenge with so many things that will come into play with respect to having Aboriginal firms prepared and ready for work and participation in various projects.  At DMG, we have been able to help many Aboriginal firms to better approach and prepare for bidding on contract work at many different levels. 


Understanding Aboriginal Issues


As an Aboriginal business owner, Mr. Bernard really does understand the challenges and complexities that exist at the community level as he was raised in a Mi'kmaw First Nation community and continues to live there with his family.  This helps to provide a better understanding of the situation and realizing that each situation may require a different touch.  

DMG also realizes that there are political issues that require very delicate discussions and processes that take time to sort out with community, governments and industry (especially in scenarios where land, resources and access are at play). 

We support the need for these types of discussions and development as we know that this will lead to long term benefits for our people in the long run.

Autonomy in Communities & Business

We also know that not every community, business and individual are the same and as such we do need to create trusting relationships and work together to find common solutions.


We will work with you to create realistic goals and set up a plan that will ensure that all of the pieces of the puzzle are brought together for a long lasting and successful initiative.


The creation of socio-economic opportunities that include the greater good of community will work towards improving the overall well-being of the people and extended family.

Building Our Communities Ourselves


At DMG, we STRONGLY believe that the ability to build strong communities and business is right within our own hands and decision making powers.

In 2005, DMG was instrumental in developing the Indigenous industry relations strategy which lead to the creation of the Unamaki Economic Benefits Office.  This work was the result of two contracts with the Unamaki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR) to develop proposals to identify industry related opportunities, investments and key strategic partnerships that the Indigenous people of Cape Breton  should invest into.  This strategy also focused on developing long term partnerships with the trade unions, PWGSC and other Government departments.


Then in 2007, DMG's President & CEO, Mr. Robert Bernard was part of an Aboriginal Economic Leakage Study that identified over 75 million dollars of economic leakage was taking place right in our own backyard (at the time it was based on the five (5) Mi'kmaw communities of Unama'ki (Cape Breton). 


In this study over 80% of the leakage was going to non-Aboriginal firms.  If we calculate this it means that over 60 million dollars more could potentially go back into our own communities.  A couple of years later another similar study was conducted but this time it focused on the household spending by Mi'kmaw families in Cape Breton.  This new study also clearly showed that most of our spending with every day items is spent away from our communities which again creates an enormous economic leakage of dollars in our communities.  Many new businesses could be created to help address the increasing leakage of dollars from an administrative & househood spending perspective.

DMG's experience in business, procurement and community deveopment positions itself in a very unique way in that we understand the capacities that need to be identified, we understand the policies and investments that need to be made, we understand the contract and procurement guidelines that need to be considered and implemented as strategies that would allow our communities to start addressing and maximizing on our own flow of dollars that are right in our own communities... dollars that we have access to, dollars that we have the ability to make choices with, dollars that we can target towards building and strengthening our own economies.

It is also very interesting to note that more and more Aboriginal community enterprises are starting up in various First Nation communities resulting in an increased number of jobs, as well as a place for many of our recently graduated and skilled labour force to work closer to home with their families close by.  These are newly established community economic drivers that have started the process of addressing the leakages in terms of hiring people and companies but we still have a ways to go yet in terms of developing a comprehensive and sustainable Aboriginal investment strategy for business development.

At the end of the day it's about producing positive results for your business, your organization or your community.  This is the core of what DMG believes in and stands for and we have believed that since Day 1 and we continue to believe that it is possible, let's work together to start making some of these realities for our people.

Should you require any further details or would like a call to arrange a presentation in person please contact us at your convenience and we will be happy to work with you to find ways to meet the needs of your community, business or you as an individual client in need of support services.

Phone:  (902) 302-3300 cell/text



DMG History & Expertise

DMG has delivered mulitiple contracts in the oil and gas, fishing, sports & recreation as well as the health industry for over 15 years primarily.  This work has primarily taken place in the Atlantic Region but has recently branched out to create joint venture partnerships to provide these same services Canada wide in 2013.  (See more under our partner link at


DMG has also worked diligently to provide quality liaison service efforts in both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities in an effort to build sustainable relationships in business & community development.

DMG helps communities & organizations to identify gaps and challenges within their systems that exist at the community levels and help to prepare strategies on how to address these barriers. 


We will also help to focus on the development of policies that are fair, produce results and in consultation with the community so that there is continual understanding and support when it comes to working on both short term and long term goals.

DMG Work History
includes the following list of contracts:

2000-2004:   Aboriginal Liaison Support Services (SOEP).
                      Sable Offshore Energy Project - Providing key
                      recruitment, retention & contract developoment
                      services to the oil and gas industry.  Co-creator
                      of the first Aboriginal Business Association in
                      Atlantic Canada called "Aboriginal Alliance of
                      Companies (AAC)".  Specific duties included
                      identifying qualified Aboriginal persons and 
                      companies to participate in the Offshore Oil &
                      Gas industry through the SOEP. 

2000-2007:   DMG's President & CEO, Mr. Robert Bernard
                      continued to provide ongoing consultation and
                      support services for Nova Scotia's Aboriginal 
                      Sport & Recreation organization (MYRACL).
                      This included province wide grassroots based
                      program development services for Aboriginal
                      communities, Regional & Provincial Program
                      Development initiatives (teams/individuals) &
                      maintain the day to day business operations &
                      funding negotiation of the organization.  This
                      included multiple presentations to a number of
                      government departments in all of the Federal,
                      Provincial & Aboriginal government levels.  It
                      also included a long term negotiation to have
                      Sport & Recreation recognized as one of the 
                      seven (7) recognized Tripartite Working Group
                      Committees (with S&R being the last one).

2000-2007:   DMG expands it's services to offer Aboriginal 
                      Liaison Support Services to other Oil & Gas
                      Industry partners & signs short term contracts
                      with Pan Canadian Pipelines, Anadarko
                      Pipelines, Encana Resources as well as  
                      government initiatives such as the Sustainable
                      Communities Initiative (SCI).  DMG also begins
                      to utilize some previous expertise in video and
                      cable television knowledge & starts producing
                      local mini-documentaries for organizations, it 
                      produces five (5) in a span of three (3) years.
                      DMG also established a community cable tv
                      channel in a First Nation and generates new
                      funding for an organization through a unique
                      form and uncommon revenue stream model.

2000-2015:   Have delivered on multiple contracts in sectors
                      involving health & wellness, sport & recreation,
                      oil and gas industries, fisheries agreements,
                      Provincial/Federal/Aboriginal contracts that
                      target Aboriginal capacity development for


2000-2015:   Have created numerous short & long term joint
                      venture partnerships aimed at providing First
                      Nation communities with large scale project
                      opportunities for communities.  These projects
                      focused on the creation/expansion/support for
                      new and existing opportunities for community,
                      business and individual growth & success. 


2007-2015:   DMG expands services into Cultural Tourism.
                      Support services provided to an Aboriginal
                      Culture & Heritage Centre and a new door is
                      opened in another sector.  DMG helps to put
                      together project proposals aimed at supporting
                      local cultural development and helps to bring
                      a very successful list of projects to the WCHC.
                      (Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage Centre).  

                      DMG's CEO Mr. Robert Bernard sat as one the
                      Executive Board members and in 2016-2017 sat
                      as the Chairperson for the national body of the
                      Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada.

2010-2018:   DMG presents at various National Conferences
                     I DO BUSINESS. National Conf inToronto (2013)     
                     I DO BUSINESS, National Conf in Winnipeg (2015)                       AFOA (Aboriginal Financial Officers Assoc.) held in
                     Halifax (2015), the 2014 International Aboriginal                           Tourism Conference in Whistler, British Columbia                            and in 2016 in Membertou, Nova Scotia.  Also in
                      2017 presented at the Hawaiian International
                      Tourism Conference as well as the recent 2017
                      GoMedia International Tourism Conference in
                      Halifax, Nova Scotia.  These presentations
                      typically center around Aboriginal business
                      deveopment, procurement, tourism as well as 
                      community planning & economic development. 

2015:             DMG secures a contract with an International
                      Camp & Catering company (Williams Scotsman
                      of Canada).  This contract required services from
                      DMG on the development of a New Brunswick 
                      First Nation approach in terms of introducing 
                      them to the company, the potential opportunities
                      that exist with multiple projects identified for the
                      New Brunswick area in the next 5-10 years.

2016:             DMG secures contract with Wagmatcook First
                      Nation to manage Wagmatcook Culture & Heritage
                      Centre operations and community cultural tourism
                      strategic planning initiatives.

2018:             DMG secures contract with the national office for
                      the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada as
                      the Atlantic Region Strategic Partnership Liaison.  
                      This work focuses on creating partnerships in the
                      Atlantic Region focusing on creating capacity in the
                      new and existing businesses that are targeting their
                      participation in the mainstream tourism industry.  
                      There is also a focus of supporting the growth of
                      authentic products, experiences and creating key
                      investments in cultural restoration.

2019:             DMG works towards developing partnerships to
                      advance Indigenous Food Sovereignty in N.S.
                      OSI partners with Indigenous Climate Action (ICA)
                      national organization to deliver workshops on
                      Indigenous Climate Change in Atlantic Region.
                      DMG works with Tribal Council organization to 
                      facilitate sessions on environmental protection.


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