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P'jilasi - Welcome

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Thank you for visiting our newly revamped website put together especially for you, our much appreciated visitor and quite possibly our next customer.  

I would like to thank all of the organizations and special people that we have been able to get to know over the past 20+ years of work that we have done across the Atlantic Region and most recently across Canada.

It has been a terrific opportunity to share with you my vision of helping to build mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships through the nurturing of professional relationships.  

We are excited to share some great new opportunities with you as we believe that these will benefit all of the partners we work with.

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I look forward to working with your team to help increase the capacity of your business, your community, your organizations and begin to build an increased level of Indigenous cultural understanding that I hope will bring positive and lasting opportunities for all.  I will also introduce you to the team of professionals that I currently work and partner with on different projects and contracts that I have done over the years and some of the ones we are working on at the moment. 


In closing, as you can see there are two logos above, one for my first company Diversity Management Group (DMG) which specializes in areas of business, tourism and community development as well as facilitation, cultural awareness and event planning.  To learn more about DMG please press this link.  The second logo is for my most recent business, One Sky International (OSI) Environmental Services, which specializes in adaptation and mitigation involving the impacts of climate change on communities and infrastructure.  We are also teaming up with some exciting partners to provide you with support services in 3D Modeling & Disaster Planning. For more information on  One Sky International (OSI), please press on the link below. 

We thank you for your valuable time and we look forward to working with you to help provide the best possible services for your company, organization or community... afterall this is why we started in the first place, to help others to help grow opportunities for our people.  We can say we are and have proudly been doing that now for over 20 years!  Looking forward to the next 20 years!  

Wela'liek! / We thank you!

Robert Bernard

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